Travels in Writing

I’ve decided to start ‘TRAVELS IN WRITING’: a monthly writing prompt series where we can all gather on Twitter and write together.

Once a month, I will post a random sentence from a book and we all use it as a writing prompt.

I’ll be posting the prompt each month onto Twitter (I’m @JazDamen over there) with the hashtag #travelsinwriting.

Alongside that, I’ve also created a private Facebook group. If people want to, they can share their writing/ideas/inspiration from the prompt. We can also chat about writing in general, and overall be a positive space to share any writing thoughts/stresses/tips/advice. You can join it here if you would like!

NEXT WRITING PROMPT: Sunday 3rd March @ 7pm (BST)

Previous writing prompts:

They walked their separate ways and when …

[January/February prompt]

What I knew was that I personally didn’t love the feeling of …

[March prompt]

Optional prompts:

Include the word ‘snow’ in your story.