Not Your Regular Paperback

Not Your Regular Paperback is a blog series started by Jaz Damen (it me) to challenge yourself to read books you usually wouldn’t pick up, whether that be a different format, author, or genre.8fd1c1db-2f69-422b-9b0e-b68959339576

In particular, I wanted to focus on different formats of books and to challenge my scope of what I consider to be a ‘regular book’. Who decides what’s regular anyway? I also want to challenge myself to read different genres, ones that I never fall comfortably into reading naturally, such as memoirs, non fiction, and poetry.

I think it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with reading the same sort of book sometimes, and so in 2018 I want to challenge myself to read as diversely as possible, come and join me!

Here is an ongoing list of the books I have talked about and reviewed in this series so far: