A month of watching LGBTQ+ films | Pride Month

For pride month, I knew I wanted to read more LGBTQ+ fiction. However, I tend to read a lot of queer fiction anyway, so I got thinking. I don’t tend to watch many films (as I’m spending a lot of my time reading!) I could name a few queer films, but definitely not as many as I would like. Sooooo … me and my partner decided to spend the month of June watching as many LGBTQ+ related films as possible.

a selection of rainbow coloured books in front of a laptop with the bi pride flag stating 'A month of watching LGBTQ+ films for pride month'.

June was definitely a busy month – we went to Croatia for 10 days, I went to London twice, I started a booktube channel (!!!) But, we tried our best to watch as many as possible!

I started by asking the lovely people of twitter if they had any recommendations, and they really came through. A lot of the suggestions weren’t on any of the streaming platforms (aka Netflix, Amazon Prime, SkyGo) that we have which was a shame, but we managed to find a few! The full list of suggestions from everyone is at the bottom of this list – feel free to use it as a master list of films to watch as that’s what I’m doing!

Rent (musical) – 2nd June

I was really excited to watch RENT, as I realised I had only ever watched the live performance – I’d never seen the film! Rent is about a bohemian group of struggling artists in Alphabet City, New York. The musical really focuses on people struggling with HIV/AIDS. All the songs are so wonderful, cutting and really just excellent. Some particular favourite moments are during the song ‘I’ll Cover You‘ when Tom Collins and Angel declare their love for each other. Throughout the story, it’s unclear as to whether Angel is transgender, a drag queen or identifies as gender fluid – the pronouns he/him and she/her are used throughout. She’s such a complex and interesting character and, honestly, I have a lot of emotions. Another fave is ‘Take Me or Leave Me‘ which is sung by Maureen and Joanne who are about to get married but are having doubts.

Rep: gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, drag queen / transgender / genderqueer character
TL;DR: musical, excellent songs, important plot points surrounding HIV/AIDS

Alex Strangelove – 3rd June

This one was a recommendation from my friend Alice at work, but it was also one I’d seen a lot about on Netflix. It was both everything I expected and also nothing like I expected. It’s based around a boy called Alex who is a virgin – him and his girlfriend are planning to have sex. But when he meets Elliot, he starts feeling things he can’t ignore.

I loved how much of a classic romcom this was, it was really funny and cute. It’s interesting to see a film based around the moment someone comes out – but I do think there’s a lack of cute/shit rom coms that focus on a queer relationship, with queer people that are comfortable in their sexuality. That isn’t a reflection of this film, just something to think about throughout the month!

Rep: m/m romance, questioning sexuality
TLDR; hilarious, also cute and fluffy, an excellent romcom

A Moment in the Reeds – 7th June

I hadn’t heard of this one before we started watching it, but the premise immediately intrigued me. The story is about a Syrian immigrant and a Finnish student who end up renovating a lake house together. It flicks between Finnish and English which I really enjoyed – code switching is always so interesting!

I love the vibe that you get with an indie film and this was no different. The romance between the two main characters was so wholesome. Their dialogue felt so natural, and I loved the way they interacted.

Also, there are a few explicit sex scenes which is so unseen usually in films that I really appreciated the sheer honesty of it. What 👏a 👏film👏! I definitely want to watch a film with queer girls next tho!

Rep: m/m romance
TLDR; a really wholesome film, snippet of time, excellent dialogue, sex scenes, great chemistry

Imagine Me and You – 9th June

My good pals Kat and Rosie both recommended this one on Twitter and I’m so glad I watched it. It definitely has the vibe of an English film set in 2005 and I loved it. It was cheesy and tacky and happy and I was grinning all the way through. Every line felt very iconic, it was excellent. More lesbian rom coms pls. When you can only name like two, there clearly isn’t enough!

Rep: f/f romance

TLDR; an English, cheesy, classic lesbian romcom, very feel good and happy

Carol – 22nd June

This was recommend by a few people on twitter, as well as a few people at work and what a film! It was so cinematic, and I loved how moody and arty it felt. The whole storyline was beautiful and tragic and everything in between. The chemistry between the two main characters really kept me involved. Such a beautiful film.

Rep: f/f romance

TL;DR: cinematic drama, focuses on the relationship between two women in the 1950’s

Pride – 27th June

Oh my god. This may be my new favourite film. I absolutely loved it. This was recommended by A LOT of people and has been on my list to watch for ages. It’s a true story, focusing on the LGBTQ movement in the 1980’s when the gay community stated their support for the miners’ strikes.

The way these two communities came together in the face of adversity was so inspiring to see, and the fact that’s it all true was astounding. It was hilarious, it was sad, it was bloody everything. I want to watch it again immediately. I also loved that a lot of the film was based in Gay’s the Word aka London’s only LGBTQ+ bookshop. Overall, yes please, would watch again.

Rep: m/m relationship, Lesbian and gay community

TL;DR: wholesome, feel-good, activism, different communities coming together

I wish I’d managed to watch a few more films – as you can see there was quite a gap between watching some of the films as went on holiday.

But tbh, Pride is a great film to end on. I’m so excited to continue making my way through the list!

MASTER LIST OF LGBTQ+ FILMS (which were recommend to me throughout June)

  • Moonlight
  • The Way He Looks
  • Tomboy
  • Milk
  • Big Eden
  • Maurice
  • Paternity Leave
  • Alex Strangelove
  • Family
  • Call me by your name
  • A Fantastic Woman
  • Booksmart
  • Rocketman
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Orlando
  • Carol
  • Collette
  • The Favourite
  • God’s Own Country
  • Angels in America
  • My Own Private Idaho
  • My Beautiful Laundrette
  • Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  • The Out List
  • I Love you Philip Morris
  • Paris is Burning
  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post
  • Pride
  • Lilting
  • Cloud Atlas
  • Boy Erased
  • Kinky Boots
  • Princess Cyd
  • Beach Rats
  • Birdcage
  • Love, Simon
  • Toast
  • A Kid Like Jake
  • Billy Elliot
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Big Eden

I hope the above list is helpful and inspires you to watch some more queer films! What are your favourite LGBTQ+ films?

12 thoughts on “A month of watching LGBTQ+ films | Pride Month

  1. This is a great post– it is nice to make sure you watch lots of LGBTQ+ films as I tend to focus on books more but some of these films sound wonderful and you have brought to my attention some new films so thank you!!
    Alex Strangelove sounds really sweet. I watched Rocketman this month and I really enjoyed it!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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