The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary | Book review

The cover of The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

The Book: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary
Pages: 400
Publisher: Quercus Books
Publication Date: 18th April 2019

I’m super excited to talk about this book today! I received a proof of The Flatshare through Netgalley, and I’m supes excited because *spoiler*, I bloody loved it.

The premise of The Flatshare is simple.

Leon is a nurse that works nights. He needs to save money. Tiffy is an editor at a publishing house. She works 9-5 and can’t afford her own place. The solution? They end up sharing a flat … and a bed. He stays there during the day, and then is gone before Tiffy gets home in the evening. They’ve never met and communicate via lots of post-it-notes stuck up around the flat. And well … the story goes from there!

I absolutely loved the premise. It intrigued me immediately. It’s such a 21st-century-living-in-London dilemma, because who can really afford to live in London really??? And it was woven together seamlessly with really interesting sub-plots and characters I grew quickly attached to.

I honestly couldn’t put it down.

The whole book felt very complete – it didn’t just rely on the romance to make it entertaining. The romance was cute sure, and I enjoyed it greatly, but I also really cared about the other characters in the book. It’s definitely the sign of a great writer, because so often, books can have complex main characters, but then really two-dimensional side characters that add next to nothing. I’m so glad The Flatshare didn’t fall into that dangerous trap!

This book was such a fun ride and honestly, exactly what I needed. It’s dual-narrated by Tiffy and Leon – their voices are both very distinct, which I appreciated. There was never any confusion about whose chapter it was, which can sometimes happen.

Whilst it was a fun read, Beth O’Leary also wasn’t afraid to touch upon difficult topics. In particular, the story incorporates really important conversations about abusive relationships, emotional manipulation, and unjust imprisonment.

A selection of books scattered on top of each other with open pages.

And lastly, as someone who works in publishing and is also a very crafty person, I absolutely LOVED that Tiffy worked at a crafty DIY publisher. It was so entertaining to read about her dilemmas with authors, day-to-day life, and the events she would get roped into helping with. Such a fun addition that was a surprise, but I really enjoyed.

This is the first ‘Adult’ book I’ve read in a while, as I tend to steer more towards YA books. However, I honestly would recommend this book to everyone as it’s such a fun read, with great characters, and a plot that really delivers on the premise. It’s out in 2 weeks time so be sure to look out for it!

What have you read lately that has surprised you? Do you venture out of your comfort zone with reading?

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