Travels in Writing | a writing prompt club


A while ago on Twitter, I asked if people would be interested in joining in on a writing prompt. I would find a random sentence from a book, post it, and we would all use it as a prompt. People seemed keen and so …

I’ve decided to start TRAVELS IN WRITING: a monthly writing prompt club.

How will it work?

I’ll post the prompt each month on Twitter (I’m @JazDamen over there) with the hashtag #travelsinwriting. Once a month, we can all gather online and write together using the prompt! Throughout the month, there may also be the chance of some spur of the moment writing sprints, or some bonus prompts, so make sure to be following me over to keep up to date!

Alongside that, I’ve also created a private Facebook group. If people want to, they can share their writing/ideas/inspiration they got from the prompt. It can also be used as a place to chat about writing throughout the month, and overall be a positive space to share any writing thoughts/stresses/tips/advice. You can join it here if you would like!

If you miss a prompt or a busy that evening, I’ll be keeping a bank of all the prompts used. You’ll be able to find them on my new and shiny ‘Travels in Writing‘ page.

An open notebook with a pen next to it, ready to write and a plant in the background.

Writing is usually such a solitary activity, so I would love this to be collaborative, where we can bounce ideas off each other, and all talk about writing!

The first writing session will be at 7:00 pm (UK time) on Wednesday 30th January. I hope you can make it!

Will you be joining in?

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