Spooky books, films and TV shows | Halloween recs

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! It’s time to get spoopy.

I’ve always quite liked horror; jump scares are my jam (gore is definitely not). It’s not my main genre that I read or watch, though. I thought, instead I’d give you my top few books, films and TV shows to watch this Halloween. Some are scary, some are hella spoopy, and some are halloween themed and not at all scary; there’s something for everyone. 👻🎃💀

A spoopy read

  • I’ve actually only got one book to recommend. And that is Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. This book is genuinely unlike any other book I’ve ever read. Horrorstör is an illustrated novel laid out to feel like an Ikea catalogue. Intrigued yet? It’s set in a fictional Ikea store called Orsk and a lot of creepy stuff starts to go down. It’s a haunted house story set in a contemporary world. Think employees working a night shift in store, trapped prisoners from the past haunting them, and creepy af writing on the walls. It’s a wild ride. The concept of this book is also really clever and interesting to read. Each chapter starts off with a different piece of furniture from the Orsk catalogue, and it appears in each chapter in frightening and creepy ways. This is definitely one to pick up if you fancy reading something original and new.


Spoopy Films

  • My top film recommendation is definitely Hush. This is available on Netflix (UK) and probably some other places. It’s honestly so frightening and full of jump scares which is my favourite kind of horror film. It’s a slasher based around a woman called Maddie who is a deaf author living in a cabin in the woods (of course she does, but don’t lose hope). Whilst Maddie is in the cabin, a masked intruder lurks outside trying to get to her. It’s simple, yet damn, it’s effective, and it doesn’t fall into the stereotypical cliche that horror films are prone to. It’s a genuinely good film as well as being really bloody scary.


  • If you want something less scary but still excellent (and technically spoopy, because it has ‘monster’ in the title), then I’d recommend the film A Monster Calls (available on Amazon prime). Originally written by Patrick Ness, this story is based around 12-year-old Connor who is struggling to deal with his Mother’s illness. One night, he wakes from a nightmare and is confronted with a monster in the form of an ancient tree. It appears at his window and demands something terrifying truth from Connor: the truth. This film is emotional, beautiful, heart wrenching and everything in between and I can’t recommend it enough.

Spoopy TV shows

(These are all available on UK Netflix or Amazon Prime. I sound sponsored which I’m not, but damn, wouldn’t that be a dream™️)

  • I mean, this is just a recommendation in general, but Criminal Minds is tops. It’s very creepy and entertaining and generally just a top notch go-to show if I’m looking for some scary drama. It’s based around the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI and they hunt serial killers. It can be quite gory, but it sure is spooky.
  • My next recommendation is Stranger Things. I’m pretty sure every person ever has watched it anyway but I couldn’t not include it because what a great show. If you’re one of the few who haven’t seen it, it’s full of spoopy and mysterious happenings, disappearing children and an entirely different and haunting world.
  • My last recommendation is Brooklyn Nine Nine (specifically the Halloween episodes).  If you can’t be dealing with gore, you are still deserving of watching spoopy TV and for you, I’d recommend B99. I mean, it’s B99 so it’s hilarious. The Halloween episodes are iconic, full of costumes and fun and Halllooweeeen. Totally spoopy but in a gentle way.


And that’s that. Leave me any spoopy recommendations in the comments! I’m always looking for new things to read and watch.


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