They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera | Book Review

Have you ever thought about how you’d spend your last day if you knew you were going to die? Have you ever imagined who you would spend it with? What would you do when you know you only have 24 hours left on Earth? If you have, They Both Die at the End is the book for you.

I’d seen so much about it on Twitter, and it just kept popping up everywhere that I had to read it. I read History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera last year and absolutely loved it, and I loved this one just as much.

The book is dual narrated between Mateo and Rufus. At the beginning, they both receive a call from Death Cast to tell them they are going to die in 24 hours. The book sells itself really, as you start the book knowing they’re both going to die at the end. But how are they going to die? Are they really going to die or are they going to be the first people to escape Death cast’s predictions? I was sold after a few pages and didn’t stop reading until I’d finished it.

Adam Silvera’s writing is simply stunning. His characters feel so vivid and alive, and I genuinely felt so sad when I turned that final page. It really is the sign of a great book when you feel so connected with the characters AND the plot is so enthralling that it keeps you reading.

I loved how Mateo and Rufus developed and grew as characters within the 24 hours that they knew each other. It was so enjoyable to journey along with them on their final day and see them better themselves and come together as a unit. Honestly, Mateo was so pure and Rufus was so great and together they made my heart very happy.

On the back of the book, one of the editors described it as a “dark game of jenga” and that is highly accurate. The way in which all the small plot points intertwined, and everything connected together was so satisfying and clever. I especially loved the scene where Mateo and Rufus are exploring a junkyard and come across a phonebox with writing on. A few chapters later, we then find out that when Howie was younger, he used to write on phoneboxes to his childhood love.

It’s👏 just 👏 so 👏 clever 👏.

I also loved the way the story felt so grounded in the future. These little touches  really gave way to how thought through the concept was. The concept of the Lastfriends app felt like it could genuinely happen. Places like the travel arena was also really fascination. This was a specifically designed place for people on their last day to experience the world whilst they still have the chance.

All in all, this is definitely one not to be missed.



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