My Travel Diary: 3 days of fun in Edinburgh

I went to the beautiful city of Edinburgh with my boyfriend Ben in the middle of January! Edinburgh is such a characteristic city: the mix of old pubs, stunning views, and pretty architecture, with new bars and plenty of cocktails made for a great few days of fun!


We stayed a 20 minute tram ride out of the city, in a cute little Airbnb which had it’s own hot tub, and a relaxing view of Edinburgh airport runaway. It was slap bang in the middle of the countryside which provided for a lovely mix of city exploring and relaxing. It was really nice to get back from a day of walking and hop straight into the hot tub with a glass of rosé 😊. The Airbnb was a few miles away from the tram stop which was it’s one downfall, although our hosts were more than happy to give us a lift to the tram (Thanks Allan and Anne!)



One of the main things I really wanted to do in Edinburgh was climb Arthur’s seat. We’re both not very climb-y people, honestly just walking up a flight of stairs puts me out of breath. But I’d done a little bit of research, and knew that there were some easier routes to walk and once we had the obligatory bottles of water and lots of snacks, we ended up doing it in a 2 hour round trip *dusts off shoulders*!


Pro tip: Wear shoes you don’t care about getting muddy. Also try not to slip and fall bum-first into the mud when you’re only a few feet away from the bottom *ahem* Ben *ahem*

After hiking the extinct volcano that is Arthur’s seat, we spent most of the time exploring the old town and everything it has to offer. Being a Potter fan, we of course had to head to The Elephant House for lunch and a cuppa tea to soak up those JK Rowling vibes. Bonus: the lunch was actually really yummy too! We also wandered around Greyfriars Kirkyard and found Tom Riddle’s Grave which was pretty spoopy.

The Elephant House cafe (I was very excited!)


Another highlight was the Camera Obscura museum which Ben wanted to go to, and was really interactive and fun (I love an interactive museum!) The staff recommended we start from the top and work our way down, so we soaked up the views of the city before heading down each level and being entertained by all the science.



On our first night, we hadn’t eaten much all day, and so were definitely ready for some great food. We headed to Miros Cantina Mexicana which is a small independent Mexican restaurant on Rose Street. It had a really nice vibe, and there were lots to choose from on the menu! Particular shoutouts go to the incredible Nachos, Goats’ cheese garlic bread, and the Tortas De Camote y Maiz which were these delicious sweet potato corn cakes. (I’m making myself hungry just thinking about their food!)


We also went out to dinner with my sister and she took us to a Middle Eastern Street Food Restaurant called Pomegranate where we had some delicious Lebanese Tapas that I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about.

Onto the drinks! A friend recommended to Ben that we had to go to a cocktail bar called Hoot the Redeemer, and so naturally we found our way there on the first night! It has a 1950’s New Orleans vibe, complete with an ice cream parlour and a claw crane machine. This was a particular highlight, as you could use the claw to pick out two flavours, take them to the bar, and then they’ll make a personalised cocktail for you! Their boozy ice creams were also tip top yes please would 100% order another please and thank you.


Further cocktail bar shout outs go to Under the Stairs, which did really unique and different cocktails, as well as the Indian Restaurant Dishoom which my sister took us to and, in their downstairs bar, they did some A+ gin.

All in all, we definitely made the most of our 3 days! That’s not to say we managed to do everything, so I guess we’ll just have to go back!

Has anyone travelled anywhere nice lately? Leave me your recs in the comments, I’m always looking for new places to explore!


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