A Commercialised Season: I’m Autumn Trash

Did you see just how basic that header image was?

Throw in some leaves, some brown boots, and a handwritten font, and you’ve got yourself an absolutely classic autumn picture. We are now smack bang in the middle of my favourite season, with my boots in regular use and pumpkin spice everywhere you look. Autumn has well and truly been commercialised, and whilst i know it’s a bit silly, i can’t help but love it.

Sometimes, the very simple things, like some stupid dead leaves that have fallen off a tree can bring me a lil piece of joy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.


They’ve romanticised it so that people want things that are associated with it. I get it, but yes I am still gonna buy my god damn pumpkin spiced latte (even though it probably isn’t worth the £3.60 I spent on it).

I know it’s problematic, and it’s a plot to make you spend money. What next? A commercial holiday themed around present giving, or a rabbit designed to bring you eggs made of chocolate?

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks, and then Lex went and posted a very good video about it. Sometimes, it really is okay to be basic and swept up in what shops are advertising to you.


Do I get sucked into the sea of red and greens and mustard yellow jumpers that are stacked high and labelled as ‘cosy and warm?’ Yes, yes I do.

It’s nice that it’s a very medium temperature so I can wear my coat again and not get too hot. I’m a hot person, and so this is optimum temperature for me, I really sink into my element when I can walk anywhere and not have to take off layers as I do so.

I can wear my chunky brown boots again without getting sweaty feet (a great image I’m sure), and yes I did just buy a new pair of jeans with a botanical autumn design. (They’re honestly great)

I’m well aware of what all these businesses are doing. But let me drink my stupid autumn themed coffee in peace.

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