My Travel Diary: 7 places to visit in Amsterdam

A few months ago, me and my boyfriend Ben went to the Netherlands for a week, and we had an amsterDAMN good time.

I just cannot get enough of it; the endless stream of bicycles twisting and turning amongst the canals is an experience in itself. I think what makes it such a great capital city is how different it is to what you think of as a ‘city’. It’s far from the bustle of London, the largeness of Berlin, or the grandness of Vienna. It’s small, but large in character and makes exploring all the more fun.

Without further ado, here is my top 7 places to visit if you find yourself in everyone’s fave bike capital of the world.

Disclaimer: Most of these are café’s and involve food or coffee because that’s what I do best.

  1. The Avocado Show

Location: Daniël Stalpertstraat, Oude Pijp
What: Café

I’d seen this café advertised on a Facebook video which said something along the lines of “avocado only café opens in Amsterdam!” If you know me, you know I absolutely love me an avo, and so this was a must stop. And oh my was it worth it.

We had a 20 minute wait outside to be seated (understandable as they were newly opened and this video had clearly attracted a lot of people). However once in, everything was positive. The coffee was smooth, the food was immaculately pretty (I recommend the avo rose), and it was extremely affordable. And to top it all off, we were given some free avocado brownie samples with the bill. Shout out to Ben for coming with me, even though he (scandalously) doesn’t like avos.

  1. Bagels and Beans

Location: Literally on every corner
What: Breakfast/lunch Café

We went here 3 times, and honestly I could have gone many more times because the bagels are Just. That. Good. There’s so many options to pick from – highlights include the goats cheese and walnut cream cheese, and the veggie chicken teriyaki! – This was particularly exciting as I’d never been to a café that actually sold veggie chicken, what a time to be alive.

They also do excellent coffee, fresh smoothies and juice, and again, we got free sweets with the bill. I love that this a thing that happens in the Netherlands.

  1. Dam Good Coffee

Location: Dam Square
What: Dam good Coffee (duh)

This small café is right in the centre of the city and so very convenient if you need a mid afternoon caffeine pick-me-up.

They make a ~dam~ good chai tea latte, and a mean brownie. Really, they deserve your business based on their puniness alone.

  1. Stedelijk Musuem Restaurant

Location: Stedelijk Musuem, Musuemplein
What: Resturant/Café

This is a random one, but honestly, I declared on the first day that they made the best coffee and I wasn’t wrong.

A nice outdoor seating area overlooks Musuemplein which was lovely to sit and relax after a long morning of museum-ing.

Their latte macchiato was the smoothest coffee ever (yes ever), and it even came with a free stroop waffle, to which I got very excited about.

It’s also useful to note, if anyone reading this is as anxious as I am, that it’s table service so you can just sit and they’ll come and take your order (lol).

  1. White Label Coffee

Location: Jan Evertsenstraat
What: Café

This was recommended to us by our Airbnb host and I’m glad we checked it out. It is a little bit out the way from the city centre, but fortunately for us was only a 2 minute walk from our apartment.

It had a very relaxed and chill vibe which matched the calmness of the city and definitely felt like the sort of café you would find a bunch of uni students studying for hours on end. The baristas were really nice and friendly too.

Overall highly recommended, would drink coffee there again.

  1. Hanneke’s Boom

Location: Dijksgracht
What: Bar/daytime café

Whilst the prices aren’t the cheapest around, for a waterfront bar in a city capital, they’re actually pretty reasonable – at €10.80 for 2 drinks. We went at night, where the bar was lit up with fairy lights that draped around the recycled furnishings.

Hanneke’s Boom is found on the edge of the dock, about a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Centraal station– making it easy to get to, and definitely worth it.

  1. Marvin

Location: Kinkerstraat
What: Shop and Café

We went past this shop on our tram from our Airbnb every day and it looked really cool so we eventually went in, and were not disappointed. There were lots of little trinkets, necklaces, postcards, and art prints. The postcards I got were designed by Katya Kaduk and I love them tenfold. It’s the kind of shop where you can browse for hours and still find new and interesting things.


There was also a café which we didn’t eat in but looked very cute and I would definitely go back to.

And that’s 7! Of course, there’s so much more to actually do, these are mostly food recommendations. The parks are a must, I would especially recommend making the extra journey to Sloterplas in Amsterdam Nieuw-West which is quieter than the centre and is really relaxing.

Leave any travel recommendations for me below as I love exploring new places!


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