Sex Positivity: A Book and a Podcast

There’s such a stigma surrounding openly talking about sex, about our bodies, periods, and masturbation. Why should there be? We all seem to worry about issues that most people are going through, and we worry alone because we’re not talking about them. So to see sex positive content being published more and more makes my sex positive heart very happy. So here’s two recommendations ft. three rad ladies talking about sex positivity:

Make Out with Him: A podcast | Lex Croucher & Rosianna Halse Rojas
This podcast only started in March this year by “love amateurs” Lex and Rosianna. It’s described as “a crushes, dating, relationships, and kissing podcast”, with the recent addition of friendships (yay friends!) Whilst titled Make Out With Him, it is not directly targeted at straight people, but people of all sexual orientations and genders. It’s nice to see a podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is really funny, full of advice, and open discussions about sex, relationships, and friendship. Go check it out!

Doing it: A Book | Hannah Witton
Sex-positive vlogger Hannah Witton has also just published her first book, titled Doing It! which is a comprehensive guide to all things sex and relationships.


When I say all, I mean all, I couldn’t think of a topic Hannah hadn’t managed to cover: from virginity to consent, porn to body image, and sex shaming to sexual pleasure, this book has it all. And it’s incredibly well written, funny in places, but also serious in places too. It read to be a perfect balance, and what openly talking about sex should be. Sometimes it can be funny, but sometimes, when talking about issues of consent, it should be serious and should get the point across as clearly and concisely as possible.

The book covers a large range of topics, not all of which Hannah has first hand experience with, and so there are lots of guest authors which we hear from in small snippets. As Hannah is a CIS straight female, she passes over to people that identify as LGBTQ+ to delve into issues that affect them in regards to gender, sex, and relationships. The inclusion of different perspectives are crucial when writing a book from a privileged position. It’s funny, it’s full of resources, and frankly, this should be mandatory reading for everyone, everywhere (but specifically in schools, like this is 100% better than the state of UK sex ed.) GO BUY IT!

*this post contains book depository affiliate links

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